10.8 Reseting Profile Manager

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Sorry for not writing much these days. I’m trying to finish some stuff before my vacation.

Anyway, Mountain Lion is out and it’s great. It is very surprising for me to be happy with an Apple product from day one but with 10.8 they nailed it. Speed, reliability, options… everything is much better than 10.7.

On the server side I hadn’t had much time to play with it yet but the new integration of all the server services under the it’s really a thing. It really feels like 10.7 was half way there and ML finally goes all the way. Sure it is going to take me some time to forget about the server admin tools but “renovate or die”

Regarding Profile Manager, which is supposed to make us forget about MCX but did not convince any sysadmin in its previous version, I found a good approach from Apple regarding the clean up of the service.

Before on a Lion server if you wanted to clean a messed up profile manager (thing most likely to happen the first 1-2 times) you had to clear the database by running the


located at


Now on the new version the script is located inside the bundle


I have tried this one on a test server and the result is surprisingly good.

In the past I had quite some problems with the fact of being an OD master not willing to work and messing up the whole profile manager, making me get rid of the Open Directory completely and re-creating it. Hopefully this won’t be the case with the new version

I am putting 140 production machines with a Lion’s profile manager this week (time not allowing ML to take over the role). This will be the moment of truth for it to prove as a replacement for MCX