Application Usages

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As the academic course ends we prepare the content that will be included in the new installations for the 2012/13 class. This is the busy period when the builds of instaDMG per day rise and the three SSD in raid-0 really pay off.

Last week I collected a report of the application usage on the public machines on the Library and the results came with no surprise. Here you have the five more used applications:

  1. Firefox with a stunning number of 48.576 opened times

  2. Adobe Reader with 4.568 opened times

  3. Microsoft Word with 3936 opened times

  4. Microsoft Excel with 2.578 times

  5. Matlab with 2.212 times

The first surprising result is found on the eighth position that belongs to Madagascar. A command line application to create scientific papers and reproduce the results, if you are wondering, yes this is a university of science and technology and I am quite happy that after the time it took me to re-pack this command line application and distribute it, we had no complains with so many users.

This year I got the installation of Madagascar to be smaller, support the svn and updated to the cutting edge. For now let the testing begin!


I have used ARD to collect this information. But as someone pointed out to me I could have used Google’s crankd