Bandwidth Usage From Terminal

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Update: you can also find and install these tools using Homebrew

Last week I had to keep an eye on a computer’s network usage while the user was using her computer to troubleshoot something.

Initially I ssh’ed into the machine and used the common nettop -m tcp. But still I wasn’t quite satisfied with keeping my session open and one eye continuously on the terminal.

I searched some network analytic tools for OS X but all of ‘em required compilation and some extra bits.

So that next time it is easier and faster to deploy and use this tools I have put together an installer that includes three of these tools already compiled for OS X

  • bwm-ng: very simple small tool with simple UI that monitors both network and disk IO. Very useful for totals by interface
  • iftop: a bit more advanced with a more detailed UI. You can see ports, sources and destinations.
  • vnstat + vnstatd: useful tool to get the total usage of each interface by time. Includes the daemon but you need to build the launchDaemon yourself. It is quite easy

To download the package click the screenshot of it’s content.

PS: post inspired by Ed’s article in this month’s MacTech magazine