Download Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RC

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Download Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

EDIT: after the official RHEL7 release, Red Hat has removed all the public download links. On the bright side CentOS 7 is out! Download it here

Following the old post for downloading the beta or RHEL7 here we are again but this time with the Release Candidate.

From the official announcement that you can read here key features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RC include:

  • Expanded Windows interoperability capabilities, including integration with Microsoft Active Directory domains
  • Significant file system enhancements, including XFS as the default, scaling to support file systems up to 500 TB
  • Improved subsystem management through OpenLMI; and
  • Virtual machine (VM) migration from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 hosts to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 hosts without downtime or VM modification.

For downloading it you can head to the upstream’s ftp site

Or if you want the direct links for x86_64 here you have them:


HPC node



Some useful videos from the learn more page and a quick opinion on what they bring to the table

Startup and Management

Systemd ftw! I already expressed in the past that I am excited about the journal capabilities of it and how it should make easier and more reliable reading through logs.

Two other great features of systemd are the speed for reloading services and the ability to easily split the resources.

Linux Containers

I honestly can’t wait to get Docker a web UI. Today I have only one container in production (two if you count this blog) but I am already in love with this technology. What is Docker?

Identity Management

Active Directory is here to stay. No question about this. Gone are the old days where integrating non-MS products with it was a pain.

Interestingly enough there is not much info about adopting the features that MS introduced in Server2012 and Windows 8 like the bigger Kerberos tokens, and armoring.