Easy Repack for instaDMG

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I am a big fan of instaDMG.

During the two years that I have actually been working as a OSX admin I have used it countless of times and it is still a very important tool for me.

I have to say that the move that the community is taking to a more granular and less monolithic image deployment does make sense in alot of scenarios, but in our case being such a big university with tons of deployments I do not see the moment of moving away from a fully restored computer in just under 10mins.

Sometimes when I need to include some software or some new update to the current images I feel the struggle of needing to create a custom installer to accomplish a quite simple task. But this is one of the downsides of instaDMG itself, it can do just a handful of things but it does them well and fast. Other tools such as Munki (I’m a bit fan of this one too) or Puppet can do them, but it is nice to get a block copy when it comes to deployment.

For example when I have to install a new version of Google Earth into the image and we’d like to include the internet plug-in too. By default instaDMG handles the .app bundles with no pain but does not have a method to handle internet plugins.┬áIn this occasion is when a one liner pkgbuild come in handy for the hassle of building a custom .pkg that instaDMG would understand.

In my case, I download the desired version, put everything in place in my test machine and run:

bash-3.2$ pkgbuild --identifier com.nbalonso.pkg.googleearth \
--version `defaults read /Applications/Google\ CFBundleGetInfoString` \
--component /Applications/Google\ \
--component /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/Google\ Earth\ Web\ Plug-in.plugin \ ~/Desktop/googleearth.pkg

Voila! a pkg that you can hash and put into your catalog with no pain :)

Hopefully for the next release of pkgbuild Apple will include the option of specifying different destinations in one line and handle non-bundle folders and files, the same way that makepkginfo -file does in Munki, but meanwhile for this extra bits you can dive into The luggage