Get Prompted When Connecting to a Shared Folder

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I am posting this because it doesn’t look like it is widely, or widely enough, known.

When you are bound to directory service like Active Directory, and you try to connect to a shared folder on a kerberized server/computer, in the background you computer gets a ticket and tries to authenticate to gain access. In OS X if this fails you don’t get prompted to enter a valid set of credentials and an error message is presented.

The error reads something like:

There was a problem connecting to the server “”

You do not have permission to access this server.

The Windows folks are used to this. They usually go to PC, map network drive, use different credentials.

But when they have to do it on a Mac… they have no clue!

Well here is how to do it.

Go to Finder-> Go -> Connect to Server (or (⌘) + K)

And enter the server details with this format:


This way you will force the connection to use a different set of credentials and prompt you for the password.

You could replace the asterisk with the actual password to avoid even get asked for it, but is not a good practice to type your password in places other than password boxes.

At the same time you could  replace the username with an asterisk to force it to prompt you also for that. So this is also valid and will prompt you for both in an AFP connection: