Kindle Store vs. iBooks

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This week I was looking to buy a book to keep up the learning of Objective-C. So I grabbed the iPad and as usual open iBooks and checked the option.

The choice was clear “get one of the Big nerd ranch books” but as I started reading the comments I noticed someone saying that the book was much cheaper for the Kindle application.
So there I went and it was true. No only is around 31% cheaper but it also allows you to open the book from OSX.

I’ll write some benefits of each platform:

  • Close to native in iOS
  • Use your current iTunes account
  • The usual user-friendliness that Apple had you used to
  • Dictionary comes pre-installed (thumps up for non-native English speakers here)
  • Syncs markers(?)


  • Open your books in OSX
  • Cheaper books (I checked several tittles)
  • Syncs the page you stopped reading last time on any device
  • When a part of the text has been highlighted by a lot of users it will show you

Now you know, next time you plan to buy a book make sure you check both. As always getting to used to one method only does not make you any good.

PS: I wonder wether the author gets the same money from both sales. I’ll probably ask them if I get a chance