Limit Folder Access on Snow Server

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I have been wondering for the last two days of what could be interesting enough to put here on the blog. If this is to become my real IT blog it cannot be without *nix tools, some scripting and some code.

Well as a start, today I have been trying protect a specific folder in a Snow Leopard Web server. The easies way to implement this is to use the .htaccess file and select the “Allow All Overrides” for the Apache server in Server Admin.

As is my case the server is currently bound to AD and OD, which simplifies very much the .htaccess file. Here the example

AuthName "Please enter your username and password"
AuthType Basic
< Limit GET>
require user UserOne
require user AnotherUser
< /Limit>

is this easy to protect a specific folder and any subfolder within.