My Opinion on FileMaker Pro

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With no doubt one of the great things about attending conferences is the people you meet. Last September I had the chance to meet Humberto Becerra who is an Apple trainer in Colombia and travel all around latin America offering his training and consultancy services.

It was great chatting with him and learning a bit of how the market is there and what opportunities are in the region, specially since spanish is my mother tongue.

Anyway, he mentioned that for his consultancy clients he stopped offering any other solution and now he does everything in FileMaker Pro, I immediately thought that that would suit the usual invoices list and few more simple things. But well as it turns out recently I had to spend a couple of weeks getting one new FileMaker solution to replace and old FileMaker db, and my opinion about the whole solution has changed.

I ran all sorts of tests with all the included templates, saw the online tutorials, read documentations… but none of the information actually shows the potential of the platform. Let’s be clear, not potential for an enterprise environment but rather for a team shared database or similar.

Once you get used to the weird syntax, AppleScript kinda scripting, layouts and stuff it is quite powerful.

If I had to give you an advise on where to start I’d say design a web-like UI and work your way from there. Custom buttons (to forget the horrendous and un-friendly UI) and script triggering would be my number two and three advises.

What opinion do you have about FileMaker? have you integrating the new SQL with it?