OS X Server Update 2.2.2

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Today, one day before the iOS7 release, Apple updated their It does not say anything about supporting any new feature specifically for iOS7 but I suppose there is something under the hood for it. In any case here the official release notes (I’ve highlighted what I believe it is actually new from previous updates) :

What’s New in Version 2.2.2

  • Caching Server to speed up download of software distributed by Apple through the Mac App Store.
  • Time Machine service monitoring of which computers have backed up, when they last backed up and size of backup.
  • Wiki Server support for MacBook Pro with Retina displays.
  • Fix for deleting apps uploaded to Profile Manager.
  • Ability to use Active Directory groups within Profile Manager.
  • Centralized Certificate management interface.
  • Fix for administering Profile Manager from iPad mini.
  • Support for using bonded or virtual network interfaces in Server.
  • Fix for setup failures due to an SSL error.
  • Fixes for upgrading from Lion Server.

Link to the Mac App Store