The Blackout

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Dude you are not posting anything these days!

Sorry, sorry. The thing is that I had a technical problem myself, first with my main computer and then with its backup.

All started when my computer’s trackpad wasn’t clicking and the only way to fix it was to shut it down and let it cool down.
Then the cursor started moving like crazy and even activating the Launchpad alone.

-This is a hardware issue!

So just to isolate the problem I did the usual backup before formatting on my Time capsule, re-imaged my computer to a 10.7.4, then upgraded to 10.8GM and opened the backup to get the pictures and stuff.

The first day I was able to browse the backup with no problem, but the next morning I found an error on the screen saying that the time machine backup was not done because an error with the backup file was found (all this from a 10.8GM)


I had time to copy the pictures only and now I was unable to mount the backup to get the rest of the stuff! When opening the .sparsebundle I got many kinds of errors from “no mountable filesystem” to “resource busy” passing by some others.

So there I go and attach the .sparsebundle without being able to mount it with:

bash-3.2$ hdiutl attach -nomount myBackup.sparsebundle

/dev/disk3 was then attached. Then to list the disks and see the partition maps with:

bash-3.2$ diskutil list

And you just get the worst news confirmed when you see

   #:        TYPE NAME    SIZE        IDENTIFIER
   0:                *998.1 GB    disk1

There you go, attached and no filesystem detected. Next step is trying to recover with the great DiskWarrior’s option to open a disk image but as the backup volume contains thousands of links/alias it gave an error of not enough memory.

After trying with all the recovery tools available to me finally DataRescue3 was able to find 200GB worth of data but screwing up all the folder structure. From there I was able to find the contents of the folders, and with mdfind the contents of each recursively.

I am not actively trying to recover more data. What is gone is not important anymore, but I am now using the great dd command to clone the attached 998GB disk to a physical disk and from there I hope the DiskWarrior DVD will be able to fix the filesystem with the folders structure and all.

At this point I am still not sure what caused the corruption, but if you have to take one advice from this long read that would be “After formatting your mac, if you have the same hostname, don’t enable the Time Machine”

PS: trackpad worked fine since the format. So no hardware issue :)