Tip: Disk Utility Extras

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Disk utility is probably one of the most used applications for anyone who troubleshoots OSX and even for OSX admins.

Users usually do not know what they can do with it. For example I have answered many times to the “OSX does not come with a built-in burning application” with “I have been burning CDs for years without extra software”

Anyway this minor tip applies to anyone wanting to see things normally hidden like recovery partitions or all the image formats. This could be useful to verify for example wether your instaDMG resulting image has a recovery or not without opening the terminal or rebooting.
If you use the diskutil and hdiutil in the command line you already have access to all the features, but for those using the GUI…

To activate the debug menu for your user account execute:

bash-3.2$ defaults write DUDebugMenuEnabled 1

To see all the possible image formats:

bash-3.2$ defaults write advanced-image-options -boolean true

You may find the minor changes of Disk Utility familiar after this commands because this is always set for DeployStudio netboot sets :)