Type Phonetic Characters in OS X

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My wife is getting a degree in english literature and the other day she asked me how to write phonetic characters on OS X. I honestly had no idea of how to do it, so after searching the Apple support documents and finding nothing I did a bit of investigation on my Mavericks and found out.

Then later on I tried to explain her how to type them it over the phone but was quite difficult to explain so I decided to write it down for future references.

The process explained is:

  1. Open any application that accepts text and situate the cursor in the text field. In the example I use TextEdit
  2. Go to the Edit menu and select Special Characters… or do ^⌘Space
  3. Drag the floating window that appears
  4. Once the window is detached click the characters icon on the top right
  5. Click the gear icon on the top left and choose Customize List&…
  6. Choose the Phonetic Alphabet or else as needed
  7. Select the new category on the left and double-click the desired symbol to type it

And visually it would look like:

PS: in the end I found this help article that kinda explains the same thing.